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We’ve prepared some posts so you can learn more about Sitges. We explain some of the activities, events and things that await you in this incredible city. We’ll let them inspire you and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, by phone on: +34 608 24 76 78 or email at: [email protected]

Are you planning a getaway to Sitges this summer? Then you will be interested to know that besides beach bars and beach, you will find many activities and events to enjoy the city. In this post we reveal some of the most outstanding events in Sitges, whic

Sitges is known to be one of the best LGTB+ destinations in Spain. Its location, very close to Barcelona, its fantastic beaches, its seafront restaurants and designer stores, the nightlife and, of course, its gay-friendly status, make this town a wonderfu

If you are one of those who consider that brunch is the perfect excuse to enjoy delicious food and long conversations with your loved ones, today we propose the best brunch places in Sitges. Take note and enjoy the charm of this beautiful coastal city, wh

Enjoying Easter vacations in Sitges is an excellent opportunity to explore this charming jewel of the Costa Dorada. During this time of the year, the city becomes an irresistible attraction, offering the perfect balance between relaxation and fun, nature

If you are planning a family getaway and are looking for a charming place, Sitges is the perfect destination. This beautiful city, 40 minutes from Barcelona, offers a wide variety of plans to enjoy and make your stay a beautiful experience. We propose fam

After the Christmas season, and with the new year already consolidated, Sitges begins to prepare for what is undoubtedly the most important and international party in town: the Sitges Carnival, one of the most popular in Catalonia and an event that never

Have you ever visited Sitges at Christmas? In this post we explain several activities you can do this Christmas season, discover the magic of Sitges!

Sitges, with its Mediterranean charm, is a destination well worth exploring. However, we can find some nearby towns, which also have their magic and that will make your getaway along the Catalan coast, perfect.

Undoubtedly, autumn is one of the most anticipated seasons for everyone and the trees begin to dye with those shades so characteristic of this season and also return, in addition, the foods typical of this time of year: mushrooms, pumpkins, sweet potatoes


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