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Sitges is getting ready for its Festa Major!

by Sitges Group Apartments

August is synonymous of summer and main festival in Sitges. One more year, the city puts on its best clothes to celebrate the big festival in our city. A celebration that, nevertheless, we have to enjoy in a different way given the current circumstances. Declared Patrimonial Festival of National Interest (2016) and Traditional Festival of National Interest (1991) by the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Festa Major de Sitges 2019 will take place from the 19th to 25th August 2020.

Although, as we say, the development of the town festival will be different this year, tourists are expected to arrive in Sitges during these days and we also have tourist apartments available in Sitges Group Apartments to stay in during the Festa Major de Sitges 2020 town festival. In our blog we want to explain you everything that is being prepared to live and enjoy these days.

Festa Major de Sitges 2020. What is the celebration?
The Festa Major de Sitges is the popular festival dedicated to Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla, patron saints of Sitges and who, moreover, have shared ownership of the Sitges church since the 16th century. This festival is, together with the Corpus Christi in Sitges, the great festival of the town.

The first documents that prove the existence of the Festa Major of Sitges as a solemn celebration of the day, in this case, of the apostle Sant Bartomeu (24th August), date from 1595. However, it was in the last years of the 19th century that the written and graphic documentation on the town festival of Sitges began to become abundant.

On the other hand, and especially since the beginning of the 20th century, the Fiesta Mayor of Sitges has begun to enjoy a progressive recognition at national level and an interest on the part of artists and scholars.

Currently, the highest body responsible for organizing the Festival of Sitges is the Municipal Commission of Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla.

Programme of the Festa Major de Sitges 2020

During the presentation, a few days ago, of the poster and the programme, the Festa Major Committee asked, mainly, that locals and visitors enjoy the festival "without compromising health safety", in an atypical and unprecedented edition, as it is the first time in 80 years that it is not celebrated as we have always done. 

The party will officially begin on the 19th in the afternoon, in an act that replaces the traditional Pregó Satíric. The event will consist of an Institutional Welcome to Sant Bartomeu, by Aurora Carbonell i Abella, the mayor of Sitges. An act that we will be able to follow on television and also on the official social networks of the town festival.

On the 22nd and 23rd we highlight the visit to the church to see the exhibition of the image of our patron saint, Sant Bartomeu, and in which all the recommended health safety measures will be fulfilled.

What is maintained is the vigil of Sant Bartomeu with the traditional ringing of the bells that announces the celebration.

Festa Major de Sitges: el seguici popular

And speaking about the Festa Major de Sitges is talking about the traditional Seguici Popular. Despite the fact that we won't be able to enjoy it this year, the Comissió has proposed decorating the town's balconies with festive elements. However, we'll tell you about the Seguici Popular so that you can get to know one of the most entertaining events of our town's festival. 

The Seguici is nothing more than a parade and processions in which gegants take part: three pairs of Gegants who take to the streets in the traditional Seguici Popular: those of the Vila, the Moors and the Americans, along with an eagle and a dragon. The first are the Jaume and the Geganta, which embodies the figure of a lady of the time. They began to parade in 1897 and nowadays they only appear for Corpus Christi and very important dates, since in 1975 they made some new giants, the Gegants Nous. Finally, Sitges has the American Gegants, which represent the Indians who arrived in the city. They were the last to join the festival, and have been since 1965.

Precisely the Moorish Gegants, Faluch and La-hia were the first giants Sitges had, created around 1840, according to the documents. The originals stopped appearing in public in 1912, but the Agrupació de Balls Populars recovered them in 1979.

In the Seguici Popular also stroll through the streets of the center bastoners, diables, gypsies, panderers, pastorets, castellers, cabezudos, the dragon, the eagle, the moixiganga, and everything entertained by the popular music and dances of "cercolets" and of tapes among others.

In addition to these activities, Sitges is transformed during these days into an infinite number of small events that will not go unnoticed by the visitor. The programme for this edition includes a recipe for a sitgetan-style rice casserole, a dish with a local designation of origin. 

From Sitges Group Apartments, we invite you to join the fun and live these days with us. If you are thinking of visiting the Garraf region and the Mediterranean coast during the Sitges 2020 Festival, we encourage you to take a look at our apartments.  

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