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Festivals of Sitges

by Sitges Group Apartments

When we think of the town of Sitges, some of the things that come to mind most quickly are, surely, tranquility and disconnection. And while these thoughts are true, it is also true that Sitges has numerous cultural events and festivals that offer many possibilities to its visitors. We tell you all about them in this post!

The first big event of the year (leaving aside the parade of the Three Kings in January) is the celebration of the Sitges Carnival. It is one of the best in Catalonia and even in Spain. Every February, more than 200,000 people invade the town for a week to celebrate Carnival in style by the sea and have fun at a party full of color and music. Dozens of floats participate in the parade, and the king and queen of Carnival are also elected. It is something we recommend to experience at least once in a lifetime.

March is a month full of activity for our coastal town. The first weekend of the month is celebrated the already famous International Vintage Car Rally. The first edition was in 1959 and, since then, every year a caravan of historic vehicles joins together to make a route between Plaça Sant Jaume in Barcelona and Plaça de la Fragata in Sitges. This peculiar route is accompanied by exhibitions and rallies of vintage vehicles, to the delight of the attendees. In this same month, Sitges also hosts the International Patchwork Festival, which includes exhibitions, workshops, courses and more; the Sitges Art Fair, which seeks to promote the work of plastic artists; and the Scrap+ Fair, the Scrapbooking event par excellence.

In April, the streets of Sitges are filled with music with the Jazz Antic Sitges, which has been held since 2013. During the days of the festival, musicians, singers and dancers take to the streets of the town and everything moves to the rhythm of the best jazz. Undoubtedly, an essential in the agendas of all lovers of this musical genre.

Another of the most outstanding events is the Corpus Christi Festival in Sitges in June. During it, the streets of the town are filled with beautiful and impressive carpets of flowers. In addition, the Corpus coincides with a contest in which the facades of houses and balconies are decorated with flowers. On the other hand, we could not fail to mention the great celebration of the Gay Pride, which also takes place in June. Sitges is considered one of the most gay friendly destinations in the Mediterranean and therefore, every year it dresses up and proudly shows off its open and cheerful personality. Concerts, parades and many other shows fill Sitges during these days of celebration.

Between late July and early August the Jardins Terramar Festival comes to Sitges, with concerts, DJ sessions, food trucks and much more, in an enviable setting: a nineteenth-century venue with fantastic gardens. This year 2023, the Festival will be held from July 28th to August 9th.

In addition, August is the month in which the Festival of Sitges is celebrated; this year, between the 18th and the 27th. It should be noted that we are talking about a party that has been declared of national interest by the Generalitat of Catalonia. During the days of celebration, attendees can enjoy a program that features activities of all kinds and, of course, enjoy the beaches of this beautiful town. And in case anyone is left wanting more, the week of September 22 the Santa Tecla Festival is held in Sitges, which could be defined as the smaller version of the main festival that takes place the following month.

Of course, we must highlight the Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya, which is held every October in Sitges and attracts thousands of people every year. In 2023 it will be held from the 5th until the 15th and, as always, will be visited by great personalities from the world of cinema, both nationally and internationally.

To make the most of these events, the ideal thing is to stay in an apartment in Sitges. In addition, as in most cases these are events that attract many visitors, we recommend booking accommodation as far in advance as possible. At SitgesGroup you can enjoy a perfect stay in Sitges, with apartments in the best locations of modern and cozy style that will make you feel at home. We are waiting for you!

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