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Celebrate the Gay Pride in Sitges

by Sitges Group Apartments

To say that Sitges is a gay-friendly town is an understatement. Every year, the seafront promenade hosts the gay pride celebration and thousands of people come to the party. Music, colors and joy fill the streets of Sitges for five days.

Sitges is known to be one of the best LGTB+ destinations in Spain. Its location, very close to Barcelona, its fantastic beaches, its seafront restaurants and designer stores, the nightlife and, of course, its gay-friendly status, make this town a wonderful vacation destination.

This 2023, the Sitges Gay Pride will be held from June 14 to 18. A few days full of fun, music and parties by the Mediterranean Sea. In fact, the Sitges Gay Pride is ranked as one of the top 5 in the world, according to CNN and Lonely Planet reports.

So, it is no surprise that Sitges Gay Pride has become one of the biggest events that take place in this coastal town. Every year the number of people who come to our town to celebrate Pride and participate in the now famous parade increases. In previous years, more than 60,000 people visited Sitges during the five days of the event.

Gay Pride 2023 in Sitges: what to do

During these days, Sitges' seafront promenade will be transformed every night into a town full of shows, DJs and diverse performances with local and international artists. This year, the event features more than 80 free events.

The highlight of Gay Pride will be held on Sunday 18, when the long-awaited parade of floats will take place. An event that has become a reference throughout Europe and has positioned Sitges as one of the world's gay pride capitals. The parade, which is free, will start from 5 pm and has more than 20 floats and about 2000 participants. However, if you don't want to miss any of the afterparty in the Gay Village or the concerts, you can buy a VIP pass. This VIP pass will also allow you to be on a float during the parade.

Although the parade is the main attraction within the Pride celebrations, there are also special acts and performances scheduled each night. Most of the action will take place in the aforementioned Sitges Gay Pride Village, a small, custom-built, temporary open-air village with bars, food stands and a stage. Some of the performances include tributes to well-known artists and theme nights, such as Neon Night, White Night or Sailor Night.

Accommodation for Gay Pride 2023 in Sitges

If you plan to come to Sitges this year to celebrate Pride, we suggest you stay in town, especially if you want to attend more than one event. Of course, you can come to Sitges by public transport from Barcelona, as the distance between the two cities is only about 40 kilometers, but having to depend on public transport schedules and roads when you are having a good time is not optimal. As you can imagine, due to the amount of visitors arriving in Sitges during these dates, it is highly recommended to book accommodation for the Gay Pride in advance.

At Sitges Group Apartments we will be more than happy to welcome you, providing you with all the comforts in the center of town. Book now!

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