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Celebrate the Gay Pride in Sitges

by Sitges Group Apartments

To say that Sitges is gay-firendly is not enough. Every year, this seaside village dresses up to host the celebration of the gay pride and thousands of people join the party. Music, colors, dancing and joy fill the streets of Sitges during five days. 

To say that Sitges is gay-friendly is not enough. Every year, this seaside village dresses up to host the celebration of the Gay Pride and thousands of people join the party. Music, colors, dancing and joy fill the streets of Sitges during the days the Gay Pride takes place.


Currently no dates have been confirmed for Gay Pride Sitges 2021. More than a week of fun, music and parties in a festival which is undoubtedly one of the most unique Pride festivals in the world, as it is celebrated by the Mediterranean Sea.


Sitges is known to be one of the best gay destinations in Spain. The location, very close to Barcelona, the great beaches, the restaurants the nightlife, and of course, the gay-friendly environment turn this small town into a great holiday destination.


So it is no surprise that the Sitges Gay Pride has become one of the biggest events that take place in the seaside village. Every year more and more people go to Sitges to celebrate the gay pride and participate in the already famous parade. On previous years, more than 60.000 people filled the town with colors during the five days that the event lasted.


Gay Pride 2021 in Sitges: what to do?


During these days, the seafront on Passeig Maritim in Sitges will be transformed every night in a place full of shows, Djs and performances with local and international artists.


The Gay Pride's main course will take place with The Main Parade. This is the main event and the highlight of the pride celebrations. 


It goes along the seafront and it lasts approximately 2 hours. Anyone can watch the Sitges pride parade for free from the streets, but if you don't want to miss anything from the afterparty in the Gay Village and the concerts, you can buy a VIP pass. This VIP pass will also allow you to be part of a float during the parade. An event that has become a reference throughout Europe and has placd Sitges as one of the capitals of Gay Pride worldwide. As in previous editions, The Parade route will make its way past the Gay Village on Passeig de la Ribera. It will leave from outside KANSAS chiringuito to the church where it will then make its return journey and end outside the Hotel Calipolis.


The Parade, joined by more than 20 floats and 3000 participants, is a free event taking place during the Sitges Pride Celebrations.


Even though the parade is the biggest attraction of all the pride celebrations, there are special acts and performances scheduled on a nightly basis. Most of the action will take place in the Sitges Gay Pride Village, which is a small, temporary and custom built village with bars, food stands and a stage. 



Accommodation for the Gay Pride 2021 in Sitges


If you are planning on going to Sitges to celebrate the Pride, we would suggest you to stay there, especially if you want to assist to more than one event. Of course, you can get to Sitges with public transport from Barcelona (around 40 minutes), but having to depend on train timetables when you are having fun doesn't sound that great. As you can imagine, due to the amount of visitors during those days, it is highly recommended to book the accommodation for the Gay Pride Sitges in advance.


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