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International Bears Sitges Week

by Sitges Group Apartments

One more year, the International Sitges Bears Week arrives in Sitges. The event, that every year brings together more than 5000 people in Sitges, has become one of the largest and most well-known Bear festivals in Europe. We told you before, and it's not something new, that Sitges is a gay-friendly town. An example of this is the great party that takes place every year during the Sitges Gay Pride, which this year has celebrated its tenth edition.

For the International Bears Sitges Week, which this year runs from 1st to 11th September, a large number of visitors are also expected. Therefore, if you are thinking of visiting Sitges during the International Bears Sitges Week, don't miss everything we have to say in this post.

What is it? Why is it celebrated?

During the almost two weeks that the event lasts, Sitges becomes the capital of the Bear movement. Now, what is this "Bear movement"? The origins of the social phenomenon of bears take place at the end of the eighties, totally spontaneously, in the streets of San Francisco (United States), when part of the gay community wanted to get rid of the typical stereotype (beauty, young and thin bodies, without hair and with tight clothes). After this, the bears started to meet each others in bars and created their own flag, which give them more visibility around the world.
The aim of the International Bears Sitges Week is to unite all kinds of "bears" following the main values of the Bear philosophy: solidarity, tolerance, normality and permissibility. Values that are integrated in the so-called "BEAR" philosophy and that brings together homosexuals who move away from the "feminine" stereotype that we told you previously. 

Sitges becomes for almost two weeks the capital of the Bears movement, offering activities during all these days, focusing its activity in the Bear Area (Joan Tarrida, epicenter of the Sitges Bears Week) and on the promenade, thanks to the Bear Village that will offer many and varied activities during the days of celebration of the International Bears Sitges Week.



The International Bears Sitges Week includes thematic parties, art exhibitions, shows, formal dinner with solidarity draw, DJ's and many other proposals that will encourage, for almost two weeks, all bears who come to our city.



Origins and curiosities about bears

Although we previously explained you the origins of the social phenomenon of bears, the Official Association of Bears, Fattens, Matured and Admirers in Sitges and the region explains on its website, in addition, the origin of the social phenomenon of bears in Sitges. The first Bears meetings were accompanied by dinners in the city's restaurants and coincided with celebrations such as the "Castañada", the "Diada de Catalunya", the BEARnaval or BEAReyes. All of them successful and this success attracted many Bears from Barcelona, Tarragona and other neighbouring regions.

The Association explains: "This phenomenon facilitated and it still does the encounter between Bears and those who see a special attraction in the beard, the hairy body, maturity, corpulence or the belly, without this implying any kind of rejection to anyone at all.

Among bears are distinguished with different types of mammal, depending on the name or physique of the person. Thus we can find polar bears, wolves, otters, daddy bears or muscle bear, among others.


International Sitges Bears Week 2019

Sitges Bears Week is a party that takes place twice a year in Sitges. Between April 30th  and May 5th, 2019 was held Bears Week Sitges, a version a little smaller than the big party that will take place this September. As in the September celebration, the small Bears Week has its epicentre in Joan Tarrida, although the whole town also participates in the festive atmosphere of the event. 

If you don't want to miss this great Bear party with music, fun and lots of colour, we recommend you to stay in Sitges, especially if you plan to attend more than one event. Although the distance between Sitges and Barcelona is only about 40 kilometres, it is best to stay in the village and book relatively early. That's why we encourage you to take a look at our fantastic rental apartments in Sitges.