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Easter in Sitges 2019

by Sitges Group Apartments

Holy Week vacation is the perfect time to disconnect and get away from your routine with either a family or couples getaway. We at Sitges Group Apartments encourage you to come here to discover what springtime is like in Sitges.

Spending your Easter vacation in Sitges is a great chance to discover this tiny gem on the Costa Daurada (Gold Coast) for a number of reasons: its location, just a few minutes from Barcelona; its beautiful crystalline beaches; and the perfect balance between quiet and fun, beach and city, and food and sports. All of this is coupled with its privileged location in the region of El Garraf, turning the city into a popular spot during this religious holiday, since you can enjoy the first swim of the year as well as the first terraces, with a plethora of tapas and the traditional cuisine of the Mediterranean diet.

The 2019 Easter dates in Sitges will be from the 14th to the 22nd of April, a week in which finding accommodations without a previous reservation can be fairly complicated, although sometimes there are flats available in the Sitges Groups Apartments for Holy Week until the last minute.

Easter Schedule in Sitges, 2019

Sitges combines its traditional Mediterranean white and blue tones with the liturgical colours during the events leading up to Easter. The blessing of the palms on Palm Sunday marks the start of the different activities to be held in Passion Week. Below is information on the schedule of events for 2019 Easter in Sitges:

14th April: Celebration of Palm Sunday in Sitges

As we said, Palm Sunday is the day when Holy Week officially kicks off in Sitges. It’s the perfect day for children and adults to get up early to enjoy the beautiful weather and a day featuring palms, which can be blessed at different places around the city. The blessings begin at 10 am in the Hospital de Sant Joan, followed by Sant Joan church at 11 am, the Escola Pia at 11:30 am, and the Town Hall square, in front of the monument to Dr Robert at 12 noon. Christian tradition says that godparents should give their godchildren a palm.

15th, 16th and 17th April: Holy Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

From Monday the 15th to Wednesday the 17th of April, you can enjoy the Display of the Holy Sepulchre of the Images of Holy Week 2019. (Time: 6 to 9 pm. Agrupació de Balls Populars, Palau del Rei Moro, c/ d'en Bosc, 10.

Likewise, along with the exhibition of the Holy Sepulchre, on these days the 17th exhibition of Calvaries will be held, also in the Palau del Rei Moro, organised by the Grup Pessebrista de Sitges. This exhibition will be comprised of around a dozen dioramas which depict different scenes in the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus.

18th April: Holy Thursday

On Holy Thursday (the 18th of April), the churches will offer special masses throughout the day, plus an exhibition on the images of Holy Week in Sitges will be held at the parish church, the former Can Falç house (Paseo de la Ribera) and the Palau del Rei Moro, organised by the Agrupació de Balls Populars of Sitges.

19th April: Stations of the Cross and Holy Week procession 

The main Holy Week procession in Sitges is held on Good Friday. The route begins at 10 pm from Plaza Baluard and goes around the main streets in Sitges: Mirador Miquel Utrillo, Fonollar, Baluard Vidal i Quadras, Port de n'Alegre, Rafel Llopart, Sant Damià, Sant Sebastià, Jesús, Sant Bartomeu, Sant Gaudenci, Sant Francesc, Cap de la Vila and Major, until returning once again to the square by the Town Hall and Plaza Baluard.

20th and 21st April: Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday

After Good Friday is over, the majority of special events on Saturday and Sunday are related to masses and caramelles (popular Easter songs). However, this weekend can also be the perfect time to stroll around the streets of the town and enjoy the quiet atmosphere and everything you can do in Sitges, this gem of the Mediterranean.

22nd April: Easter Monday in Sitges

Easter Monday is a holiday in Catalonia, better known as the Day of the Mona, one of the most deeply-rooted traditions in Catalan Holy Week. This day, families gather and enjoy the Easter mona, a traditional sweet. The most traditional one is made of brioche in a round shape and topped with hard-boiled eggs. This kind of mona is rarely found in pastry shops, although it can be made at home. What can be found at pastry shops are more like cakes, sometimes ring-shaped, or chocolate figures.

In Catalonia, it is traditional for the godparents or grandparents to give the children the mona. Traditional says that the mona has to contain as many eggs as the child’s age. So on this day, if you’re celebrating your vacation, we encourage you to fix a beautiful meal in your flat and order this dessert far enough in advance.