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5 reasons to go to the beach in winter

by Sitges Group Apartments

When we think about the beach, we tend to think about summer, heat and a lot of people sunbathing next to us. But, why should we only enjoy these nature wonder that is the beach only in summer? We give you 5 reasons why you should be going to the beach this winter.

1. It is low season

The beach is almost empty. The colder weather means that the peak season is over and that there won't be anyone, or almost anyone in the beach during winter. If you are feeling stressed or if you need to disconnect from the craziness of your daily city life, the beach might be the perfect place to go these days. Take a walk, sit down for a while, take a deep breath, let the sound of the waves be the background of a great book reading session. You might think it is too cold to do that, but winters are mild in the Mediterranean. For instance, Sitges has an average temperature of 10ºC during January, the coldest month of the year in this region.

2. Practice sports at the beach

If you are brave enough and you have the right equipment, you can go swimming in the sea in winter. Safety and security are very important when practising this sport, since the cold water of the sea can make things a bit difficult. While it has a lot of health benefits, we only recommend it to experienced swimmers.

Surf and paddle surf are also water sports that are usually practised all year round. However, if you prefer to avoid the water, there are many activities you can do: yoga, beach football, volleyball, etc. Not only you will exercise, but you will do it in a different environment than usual, which is pretty nice.

3. Your Instagram photos will get many 'Likes'

Beach images are beautiful and, with a couple of Instagram filters, they look even better. However, if you post the usual beach photo on summer during your holidays, chances are you will get photobombed by some unwanted extra. If you want to avoid these kind of surprises, winter time is the time to get the most beautiful beach images. The fact that you will probably be the only one going to the beach at the time, will make the photos even more special which will translate into more likes.

And this is not only great for Instagram users, it is a fantastic time for photographers to take the best shots of a beautiful landscape that is usually full of people with a great light as well.

4. Health and beauty

Regardless of your skills on photography or the sports you practice, going to the beach this winter is a good idea. Why? Because it has many health benefits. Moderate sun exposure and daily sunbathing is good for you. Yes, sun is healthy, as proven by many scientific studies. Of course, it has to be done responsibly, using protection and at the right time during around 15 minutes. Not only you will look better with a bit of colour to your skin, but you will feel happier, you will get your vitamin D dose, and it will even help reduce any inflammation you might have.

And what to do during the 15 minutes you will spend under the winter sun? Walk barefoot on the sand; you will naturally exfoliate the skin on your feet.

5. Enjoy some outdoors time with your dog

As we mentioned earlier on the post, the beach is usually empty at winter, which means you can take your dog with you with no problems and no complains. You will have to check if pets are allowed to whatever beach you decide to go, which is usually the case during low season. In Sitges, for example, you have Cala Vallcarca, a beach that accepts dogs all year round and that is considered one of the best locations to go with your furry friend. But wherever you decide to go, you will probably have no problem since the only people you will find there will be, in most cases, other dog owners that had the same thought as you. Just keep it clean and safe and enjoy some quality time with your dog.

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