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5 reasons to go to the beach in winter

by Sitges Group Apartments

When we think of the beach, summer comes to mind, and so does the heat and lots of people sunbathing next to us. But why should we only enjoy this wonder of nature that is the beach in summer? Here are 5 reasons why you should go to the beach in winter too.

1. It's low season

Going to the beach when it's not high tourist season means you'll find it practically empty. If you're stressed out or if you need to disconnect from the routine, the beach is a great place to get away for a few days. Go for a walk, sit for a while, take a deep breath and let the sound of the waves be the backdrop to a great reading session. You may think it's too cold to do that, but winters are mild in the Mediterranean. For example, Sitges has an average temperature of 10 °C during January, the coldest month of the year in this area.

2. Play sports at the beach

If you are brave enough and have the right equipment, you can go swimming in winter. Safety and protection are very important when practicing this sport, as the cold seawater can make things a little difficult. While it has many health benefits, we only recommend it to experienced swimmers. On the other hand, surfing and paddle surfing are also water sports that are generally practiced year-round. However, if you prefer to avoid the water, there are many activities you can do: yoga, beach soccer, volleyball, etc. Not only will you be exercising, but you will be doing it in a different environment than usual, which is quite pleasant.

3. Photograph unique landscapes

Who doesn't love a good beach photo? Winter is the perfect time to get the most spectacular images of this landscape, and the fact that you are probably one of the few who visit the beach at this time will make the photos even more special, and you can photograph unique sunrises and spectacular sunsets with the sea in the background. In conclusion, it is the ideal time to practice this hobby or simply take some beautiful pictures to share on your social media.

4. Health and beauty

Going to the beach in winter has multiple health benefits. Moderate sun exposure is very positive if done responsibly, using protection and at the right time for about 15 minutes. Not only will you look better with a little color on your skin, but exposure to the sun will make you feel happier, get your dose of vitamin D and even reduce any inflammation you may have. So, what to do during the 15 minutes you'll spend in the winter sun? Walk barefoot on the sand; you'll exfoliate the skin on your feet naturally.

5. Enjoy some outdoors time with your dog

As we mentioned earlier in this post, the beach is usually empty in the winter, which means you can take your dog with you without any problems. You will need to check if pets are allowed on the beach you decide to go to, although this is often the case during the low season. In Sitges, for example, you have Cala Vallcarca, a beach that accepts dogs all year round and is considered one of the best places to go with your furry best friend. Just keep cleanliness and safety in mind and enjoy a nice time with your pet.

Finally, remember that no matter what time of the year it is, in Sitges Group Apartments you will find the ideal accommodation for a getaway in this beautiful Mediterranean town. Make your reservation!

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